Pre-Feasibility Study

As a priority, Nova has already commenced the initial work to progress the trade-off study options and concepts to fast-track the Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) which include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing separate processing Plant at RPM for initial years and Korbel to come online in later years
  • Mining operating strategy (owner vs contractor operator vs hybrid)
  • Mining fleet ownership strategy (buy, lease to own, contractor, transition)
  • Autonomous / Traditional Fleet (Fleet telemetric solution)
  • Plant location
  • Plant throughput capacity (including potential future modular upgrade)
  • Comminution circuit (SAG / HPGR)
  • Product and reagent selection
  • Mine to mill materials handling (different road layouts / slurry / conveyor / plant at RPM / IPCC)
  • Power generation alternatives – Grid transmission line, Diesel, Gas pipeline, LNG or CNG trucks and Nuclear
  • TSF Options (construction method / Location)
  • Water management, source and recycling (de-watering tailings, designated winter, ground water source, etc.)
  • Workforce strategy (remote plant piloting vs staff onsite and size of office buildings)
  • Laboratory (conventional vs photon assay) (Automation)
  • Communication (fibre vs star link vs satellite) buffers (external and internal)

These works are being completed with the assistance of a highly experienced and reputable group of independent consultants, based in the USA and Canada, including:

ABH Engineering
– Process and infrastructure design, economic modelling and assessment
– Resource estimation

ALS Canada
– Sample and metallurgical test work

ABR, Inc.
– Wetlands studies

SLR International Corporation
– Initial analysis of the geology and workplan preparation
– Sampling and testing
– Ore and mine waste geochemistry review & recommendations
– Preliminary engineering recommendations for the design of tailings and waste rock storage facilities

Arcadis U.S., Inc.
– Hydrological and fisheries studies

Jade North
– Environmental and permitting

Futureproof Sustainability
– ESG and sustainability