1. Phase 1 Scoping Study – Completed
    Study shows that Korbel Main is an economically viable standalone operation, even though it is constrained to only Indicated Resources, and the study includes the majority of CAPEX required for an Estelle wide operation in the future
  2. Phase 2 Scoping Study – Later in 2022
    The phase 2 scoping study will include the RPM North Deposit’s mineral resource as well, the inclusion of which is anticipated to improve the overall project’s economics significantly due to its much higher grade, with a minimal extra CAPEX requirement
  3. Pre-Feasibility Study – Late 2023
    The PFS will include additional resources from the wider Korbel and RPM Gold Projects, which is anticipated will improve the project economics even further and include environmental studies and a greater level of accuracy than the scoping studies
  4. Bankable Feasibility Study – 2023/2024
    The BFS will include any additional resources and this study will provide an even higher level of accuracy and confidence in the Project, suitable for seeking funding finance
  5. Mine Construction – 2025/2026
    Subject to obtaining all necessary approvals and regulatory requirements
  6. 1st Gold Pour – Late 2026
  7. Further exploration and drilling to increase the life of mine across the entire Estelle Gold Trend