The Windy Fork prospect is comprised of twenty-six (26) unpatented mining claims located on State of Alaska public lands wholly within the McGrath A-3 Quadrangle. The Windy Fork Placer occurrence is located at the confluence of the Windy Fork of the Kuskokwim River and two unnamed, north flowing tributaries draining the Windy Fork pluton. Systematic surface sampling of the placer deposit was completed during a cooperative strategic mineral assessment of the McGrath quadrangle with the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.

The Windy Fork prospect is a significant accumulation of REE minerals, ilmenite, zircon, and other heavy minerals liberated from the peralkaline Windy Fork composite pluton and concentrated in a high energy glaciofluvial placer deposit. Although the Windy Fork pluton contains riebeckite granite, biotite granite, and pyroxene syenite phases; its average chemical composition is that of peralkaline granite. The Windy Fork pluton is radioactive and scintillometer readings taken along traverses across the intrusion range from 650-to-800 cps, about 3 times the average background for granitic rocks. High energy glaciofluvial gravels with significant heavy mineral concentrations have accumulated in an elliptical, one square kilometer area near the confluence of Windy Fork and two second order tributary streams that dissect the Windy Fork pluton. Stream bed and fan deposits contain abundant chevkinite, eudialyte, ilmenite, monazite, tscheffkinite, and zircon and minor to trace allanite, cassiterite, and thorite. Natural streaks of black sand rich in magnetite and ilmenite are very common in bedload environments. Monazite and zircon are easily identified in the field.


  • Cerium enriched, REE placer gravels concentrations occurs throughout large areas of the project area.
  • Systematic surface sampling of the placer deposit was completed by Barker during 1988
  • Target drilling of REE placer gravels to define a resource under JORC code

Bulk test sampling and trial mining planned of REE placer gravels.