Halcyon Resources Pty Ltd (HPA Project) Nova Minerals holds a 26.3% interest

About Halcyon Resources Pty Ltd

Halcyon is an Australian private minerals exploration and process engineering company focused on the production of High Purity Alumina (HPA) and high purity silica from kaolin clay using their innovative production method, the Griffin Process.

HPA is a specialty product of at least 99.99% pure Al2O3.  HPA is a key component used to produce LEDs, semiconductors and scratchproof artificial sapphire glass.  Demand for HPA is growing globally.

Halcyon holds exploration licence application E70/4969 in Western Australia (Tenement) which covers the Tambellup kaolin deposit.  Halcyon is also the holder of protected intellectual property (the Griffin Process and associated engineering) concerning the processing of kaolin into specialty aluminas, including HPA.

Fig 1: High Purity Alumina produced using the Griffin Process

Tambellup Kaolin Deposit (100% Halcyon Resources)

  • 320km southeast of Perth, adjacent to Great Southern Highway and Railway
  • Recognised in Mineral Resource Bulletin 19: Kaolin in Western Australia
  • Historic grid drilling of more than one hundred holes with an average depth of 12m
  • Shallow depth and flat lying ore body
  • Readily upgradable to JORC 2012 resource with limited work

Fig 2: Previous drilling at Tambellup kaolin deposit (now within Halcyon ELA). 

Source: Tambellup Project, Annual report for the period 16th January 1993 to 15th January 1994

Fig 3: Source – Mineral Resource Bulletin 19: Kaolin in Western Australia

What is High Purity Alumina (HPA)?

  • Alumina is aluminum oxide: Al2O3 (the white powder from which Aluminium metal is made)
  • Traditional uses of Alumina: production of aluminium metal; abrasive applications (alumina is very hard); refractory applications (alumina has a high melting point)
  • In nature, Alumina can occur as the crystalline mineral Corundum
  • Both sapphires and rubies are forms of Corundum
  • High Purity Alumina (HPA) is a specialty product of at least 99.99% pure Al2O3
  • HPA is a key component used to produce: LEDs; semiconductors; scratchproof artificial sapphire glass
  • HPA is currently produced by the costly dissolution of Aluminium metal

The Griffin Process

  • Produces high grade aluminas and silica by chemical digestion and crystallisation
  • Griffin Process aluminas report as high grade with optimal particle characteristics
  • Griffin Process silica reports as a fine powder of high purity for immediate use
  • Key inputs readily available: Kaolin, Sulphuric Acid, Ammonium Sulfate
  • Griffin Process cost advantages over existing HPA production methods
  • Silica co-product marketable for applications in ceramics, paint, rubber
  • Protected Intellectual Property of Halcyon Resources