6 Other Target Prospects Identified Across the Central Area of the Estelle Gold Project

Stoney: An extensive polymetallic vein system (gold, silver and copper) located in the central area of the Estelle Gold Project.

Not just gold.

Significant untested potential from a number of identified mineralized future targets to expand the exploration pipeline for longer term opportunity across the central area of the Estelle Gold Project, including:


Extensive polymetallic vein system (gold, silver and copper) located in the central area of the Estelle Gold Project

- Massive polymetallic mineralized vein observed along 4km of strike length, up to 10m wide, and >300m vertical extent

- High-grade polymetallic rock samples include 48.4 g/t Au, 2,720 g/t Ag and 2.4% Cu

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Another massive polymetallic vein to the Northwest of Stony and similar in nature

- Exposed vein measured 2-5m thick, > 10m vertical and 100m in strike length

- Polymetallic rock samples include 8.12 g/t Au and 1.7% Cu


T5 is a magnetic anomaly thought to be associated with Stoney, however, small outcrops beneath a rock glacier revealed a strongly magnetic mafic dike and intermediate intrusive



Located on the northern side of Mt Stoney

- It is described as a high-grade, polymetallic vein occurrence located near a strong, circular magnetic high, pointing to the possibility of nearby porphyry mineralization


Located in the middle of the claim block between Portage Pass and Mount Estelle

- Influenced by steeply dipping NNW to NNE trending sulfide veins, hosted in the Estelle pluton in felsic to intermediate intrusive rocks.

West Wing

Located approximately 3 km west of Stoney

- Identified due to its prevalent iron oxide staining

- Mineralization follows a Northeast trend

- Geological observations show the potential for discovery of a porphyry-style copper-gold deposit